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Post release MOSSHOES, September 2017

More exhibitors and visitors – first results of September 2017 MOSSHOES fair.
5-8 September 2017, “Crocus Expo” exhibition center.

The number of exhibitors and professional visitors at 73rd MOSSHOES fair held from 5 to 8 September 2017, increased of over 10% in comparison with the spring exhibition. 520 companies from 27 countries of the world participated in the exhibition and presented their collections Spring/Summer 2018. The exhibitors demonstrated a really wide product range including men’s and women’s footwear of every price level and style, children’s and teenagers’ shoes, leather products, as well as leather, components and materials. The event was visited by 11 thousand experts of the industry. The most active were the representatives of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania and Georgia. The most of the visitors came from Russia – North-West, Volga area, Siberia, Southern and Central regions.

The constant tendency is the development of the exhibition – the companies which had a pause in their marketing activities come back and the new companies-exhibitors aggregate. 58 newcomers and returners presented their brands at the exhibition, among them: Molly Bessa, MYM Shoes, Kemal Pafi, Perlina, Blue Stone, CAS World, Cesare Gaspari, Deva Ayakkabi, Sayiner Ayakkabi, Aigle, Beppi, Roe&Doe, Daniellee Shoes, Alpa, Ricoss, Bokshish, Allora and others.

According to the tradition the largest expositions were presented by Zenden, Thomas Munz, Baden, Francesco Donni, Wortmann Group, Vitacci, Marko, Avenir, Analpa, Shoes Market, Patrol, GoErgo, ERTA, Rovigo, La Pinta and Evromoda.

The fair gave the possibility to see the products of various countries, represented by the National and collective expositions: Germany, Brazil, Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Armenia and China. The European countries were represented by the brands from Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Serbia, Slovenia and Estonia.

MOSSHOES’Kids – the specialized exposition of shoes for children and teenagers – was one of the most popular with the public, because it is the segment which is the most stable and demanded, despite the rises and falls of the footwear market in general. There is a constant growth both in the number of exhibitors and in exposition area – 126 companies presented kid’s footwear at MOSSHOES in September. The companies Flamingo, Minimen,  Kotofey, Mursu, Tom&Miki, Lel, Zebra, Totto, Kapika, Demar and many others showed as usual, excellent quality children’s footwear for any taste.

40 companies brought forth their collections of preventive and orthopedic shoes, among the participants here were such companies as, Sursil Ortho, Polking, Happy Walk, Colibri, Ortho-Kids,  MEGA Ortopedic, Elegami, Leopard Kids, Barracuda and so on.

During the four exhibition days the work went on at the booths of the specialized exposition “Leather and Components”. 89 companies from 12 countries of the world presented leather, components, materials, chemical products and equipment for shoes and leather production. The participating countries: Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Netherlands, Pakistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Estonia. The major manufacturers such as, Russkaya Kozha, VKP LT, AO Chrom, Verknevolzhsky Tannery, Minsk Leather Production Group, Iskozh Kirov, Zet Form, Rostplast, Component, Furnitur-Ru, Gramos, Bonjour and others – presented as usual their products at the exhibition platform. Russian Companies: Macro-M, MSU, Class Plast, Speranza-M Trading, Armand-Group, Rybinsky Tannery, Skortech, Italian firms: SAMEC Srl, LA QUERCE, Gruppo meccaniche luciani srl, Estonian tannery Nakro AS, Stahl Holdings BV from Netherlands, Leder Hofmann from Germany and others. The exposition “Leather and Components” was created in good cooperation with the Russian Union of Tanners and Shoe makers.

Leather products – bags, accessories, travel goods and gifts – were presented at MOSPEL exhibition held in parallel to MOSSHOES. 62 companies from 9 world countries participated in this fair. The most popular items were bags and accessories from Italy by Di Gregorio, Dolci Capricci, Emanuela Ferretti; suitcases and travel bags presented by Chinese manufacturers at the collective booth of CCCLA Association and by Turkish manufacturers in the framework of the exposition organized with support from Saraciye Association; umbrellas, gloves, scarves and belts by Fulton, Planeta Zontov, Michael Katana, Paks, Tantino, Max-Belt, Successories.

There was a noticeable increase in number of MOSPEL visitors – the retailers actively introduce bags, various accessories and gifts in the product range, in order to enlarge the offer of the store, to maintain and increase the average purchase value.

In the framework of the specialized exposition Retail Concept, such companies as, Ecco – the exposition’s sponsor - Tamaris, Zenden, Mascotte and Thomas Munz presented their franchising proposals. The experts from the Russian Franchising Association and Franchising Academy held master-classes for franchisers and franchisees, where they spoke about the ultimate technologies and particularities of footwear business based on franchising. In total, 29 companies from Russia, Austria, Belorussia, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy and Turkey set forth their franchising proposals.

A comprehensive Business Program was organized during the exhibition days – from beautiful and solemn ceremonies, opening the collective and dedicated expositions, up to the discussions on the hottest arguments of the industry.

A huge response was received by the briefing on the future law on mandatory shoes labeling, where the representatives of the expert group of the Consumer Goods Commerce Ministry talked about this project and heard the comments and suggestions from the representatives of the industry. The reports were made by Demidova N.I. – Director General of the National Footwear Union, O.V. Tukhvatullin – Head of the division for cooperation with the State Authorities for prevention of illegal industrial products turnover, of the Department for development of internal commerce, light industry and legalization of turnover of products of the Consumer Goods Commerce Ministry. N. Tretyakov – the chief expert of the Central Board for Customs Control on goods of the Federal Customs Service, A.V. Orlova – Head of the Commission for Customs Regulation of the Retail Companies Association, N.V. Polyakov – Director General of KARI, A.A. Timchenko – the leading analyst of the Strategic Planning Group of Sportmaster Company, A.D. Sarychev – administrating partner of GK ZENDEN. The Commercial Director of AKFA Company continued the discussion un labeling from the point of view of the upcoming particularities in the shoes forwarding procedure to Russia from abroad.

The presentation of the new specialized magazine SHOES was held in the framework of the Business Program of MOSSHOES exhibition. The Chief editor of the magazine – Yuna Zavelskaya –spoke about the first issue, the main columns of the magazine, dedicated to design, production and sales, as well as about the plans for the development of the magazine. MOSSHOES exhibition was eager to support the new industry information resource, which covers the whole range of the players of the footwear and leather market of Russia and the CIS countries.

The third exhibition day was entirely dedicated to retail – for the first time the exhibition held the MOSSHOES RETAIL FORUM. The conclusion after the analytic session on the state and perspectives of Russian footwear retail was the following: children’s footwear remains the most stable in terms of sales, the footwear for adults is of good demand in the segment of sport shoes which remain fashionable. Also, there is a growing tendency towards the enlargement of the product range in the stores by means of introduction of leather products and various accessories. The general conclusion – the retail does not expect a quick growth, but they are looking for the ways for business development with the help of correlated categories of goods.

Alexandra Cherkas – leading manager for work with clients, head of Fashion division of VKontakte social channel – spoke about using VKontakte as a sales channel and business promotion instrument. The speaker set forth her speech in the way that the audience, turning back to their offices, could set up the work in the social channel by himself or could analyze the efficiency of their contractors.

The presentations “from the first hand” made by the businessmen who had achieved success in the footwear industry, were really breathtaking and useful. Aleco Iliopulo – the founder of Porta 9 chain of stores and of the brand Portal – told his story from the first shop to the chain of stores and spoke about particularities of the promotion of his rand. Perseverance and belief in success are the qualities which allowed Rustam Eibatov – founder of the design shoes brand Affex – to become the first Russiam manufacturer who presented his product in ZUM, Stockmann and Tsvetnoy shopping centers. Georgy Shornin – the curator of “Masterskaya” block in Merchandising & Windows School – who developed the concepts of shopping areas in ZUM, and Tsvetnoy shopping centers, held his master-class, where he showed the best examples of shopping area design, show-cases as well as visual advertising campaign for promotion of a brand or a store.

Also, the forum was focused on such issues as, the main trends of Russian footwear market, sales of aged stocks, particularities of promotion for concept formats and many others.

The September event concluded the jubilee year for MOSSHOES: exactly twenty years ago, the first MOSSHOES fair was held. During all these years it remains the major business platform for Russian footwear market. It is here where you find all the necessary conditions for signing the contracts and business dialogue, for publicity and promotion of the product.

We invite all the business representatives to MOSSHOES in 2018. The season MOSSHOES exhibitions will be held 13-16 March and 11-14 September, meanwhile the off-season ones – 16-19 January and 5-8 June!

Best regards, MOSSHOES Administration
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