International Bags
and Fashion Accessories Show MOSPEL
15-17 January 2019 year
Moscow «Crocus Expo»
12-15 March 2019 year

12-15 March 2019

10-13 September 2019


From 10 to 13 of March 2015, in Moscow, at the International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo” (Pav. 3, Hall 15) the 63rd International Exhibition of footwear, bags and accessories MOSSHOES and the 1st International exhibition of bags and fashion accessories MOSPEL took place.                                                            

               The leading footwear manufacturers and suppliers from 20 countries took part in MOSSHOES exhibition in March: Russia, Belorussia, Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Portugal, China, Great Britain, Brazil, India, Austria, USA, Slovenia, Australia.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

                A part of the Russian exposition was represented by a big pool of companies from Rostov city: Fortuna, Norma Activ, Don Obuv, Armando, Oldi Don, Yuros, Bolivar, Kat, Alex, Garant, Bagrat, KSN, Dixen, Sairus, Enrico, Nine Lines, Delta, Don Diamond, ANV, Romer, Sinter, Eddero, Millioner, Magellan. About 180 leading Russian footwear manufacturers and suppliers presented their Fall-Winter 2015-2016 season collections.                  

            More than 50 companies became exhibitors of the kids’ footwear exposition. Among them: Zebra, Kotofey, PK-Zarya, Lel, Kapitoshka/Sovionok, Shagovita, Skazka, Flamingo, Tom Shoes, MOF, Domino, Buddy Dog, Vitaci Kids, Keddo Teens, Technolux,  Bereginya, Domino, etc.                                                                       

The buyer’s program was continued during the March exhibition. In the framework of the program the exhibitors presented their products to the buyers representing the retail networks, negotiations on delivery conditions were held, profitable contracts were concluded. Sixty retail commercial networks participated in the program. Among them: TD”Pokrovsky” (Yekaterinburg), “Stock-Center” (Moscow), “1000 e one shoe” (Saint Petersburg), “ADS” (Omsk), “Ati-Bati” (Rostov-on-Don), “RTS FORUM” (Kaluga), Zenden (Moscow), “Kalevala” (Saint Petersburg), “Comfort obuv” (Moscow), “Obuv 21 vek” (Moscow), Stil Peshehod” (Moscow), “Primorosso” (Kazan), “Alligator” (Omsk) and others. A great interest was demonstrated by the representatives of commercial networks for German manufacturers’ footwear collections and for children’s shoes presented by Russian companies. The products by: Marko, Analpa, Moda Donna, Francesko Donni, Sinta, CAT, Berkonty, Santorini, Romer, Midisa, Liska, GoErgo, Ederro, Spartak, etc, - were of great demand.                                    

Along with MOSSHOES fair, the International exhibition of bags and fashion accessories MOSPEL was held.                                                                                                                              

The subjects of the exhibition were organized in the following divisions:

Leather accessories
Textile and other accessories
Bijouterie / Fashion jewellery
Travelers' goods

Absolutely, all the MOSPEL exhibitors underlined the qualitative structure of the visiting audience – mainly represented by wholesalers. Thus, “El Masta” company (city of Perm), participating in the exhibition for the first time (previously, they had participated in the specialized bags exposition of MOSSHOES fair) wrote the following comment on the fair: “... We would like to underline the high level of efficiency of the business contacts in the framework of the exhibition and the very active attitude of the visitors. This was the most useful exhibition in the last 5 years.”                                                                                                                                                                                     

Business forum “Consolidation between state and business in the present day economical situation. Leather and footwear market in Russia” was organized in the framework of the business program. The plenary session of the forum was attended by:               

Vitaly Gudin, director of the Department for custom-tariff and non-tariff regulation of the Eurasian economic Commission.

Andrey Shubin, executive director of OPORA ROSSII - All-Russian public organization of small and medium enterprise.

Natalia Demidova, director general of the National Footwear Union.

The following issues were discussed during the plenary session:

Russian footwear market: the structure, the present situation, today’s economy conditions, business expectations;
Russian footwear market development perspectives. Support to the National manufacturer, real steps;
Anti-crisis measures, undertaken by the Government of the Russian Federation for small and medium business;
Eurasian Economic Union, extra possibilities for economical stabilization and business development.                                                               

Seminars, round tables and master-classes were also held:

Seminar “The battle for the customer’s loyalty – how to beat the competitors”
Round table for retailers, distributors and manufacturers
Seminar “Secret of increase in sales of bags and accessories”
Master-class: Present day technologies for product range optimization. International experience of fashion product development.
Seminar “Trends FW 15/16 for footwear and accessory product range”

The March MOSSHOES exhibition was visited by 8200 experts.

The exhibitors underlined the good results given by the exhibition, and the organizers received excellent comments from them.                                                                                         

“Kotofey”: ”Mosshoes” is a reliable arena for organization of business encounters, conclusion of contracts and accepting of the orders. The fair 10 to 13 of March turned out very effective. We are extremely satisfied with the results. We’ll be happy to continue our cooperation with the organizers of the exhibition.”                                                                                                                                           

“Indigo kids”: “The team of the creators of the brand “Indigo kids” would like to express an enormous gratitude to the organizers of the best footwear exhibition ever! ”Mosshoes” is a wonderful place to meet our partners.”                                                                                                                                    

GOO Kids:  “The exhibition was extremely fruitful, so we want to exhibit next time, too.  GOO Kids footwear company is very grateful for an excellent presentation of the brand which came to the Russian market for the first time”.                                                                                                                                   

“Analpa”: “We thank the wonderful staff of ”Mosshoes” organizers for their work which was extremely professional! Your assistance made it possible for us: to see our “old” clients and work with them, to find the new ones, to increase the turnover, to communicate with the colleagues of the branch. And everything was quite easy, thanks to You!”                                                   

TD”Karella”: “Karella” commercial company expresses the gratitude, appreciation and faithfulness to the excellent exhibition arena ”Mosshoes”. In these uneasy days of crisis You are the example of stability, reliability and good will for everybody”.                                                         

Flois-Kids: “Mosshoes” is the leader among all the existing specialized exhibitions”.    

See YOU at MOSSHOES exhibition 16 to 19 June at the International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo”!                                                                                                        

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